Corporate Office
Soma, over the years, has evolved into an organization that believes in identifying business opportunity in all conditions.

The belief of challenging our own achievements gives us the motivation to be at the top of our business, constantly pushing ourselves for achieving what otherwise seems to be impossible. This spirit of entrepreneurship in fact, raises the performance bar in every project that we undertake and helps in being a driving force in achieving the unexpected.

The very evolution of Soma from a small construction firm into a- force-to-reckon-with in the construction and infrastructure industry of the country stands as a testimony to its achievements.  The last decade has witnessed our transformation from a Rs. 430 million company to a Rs.25,000 Million (USD 555.59 Million) million company.

Thanks to our dedicated 10000 member workforce that helps us raise the bar consistently in product delivery standards, we now have projects worth Rs. 151000 Million (USD 3400 Million) under implementation.